In addition to our extensive range of foam strips, Creafoam offers the possibility to order foam in already cut pieces. Ideal for those who do not have enough time to cut everything themselves but still want to give a personal touch to the finish.

As a pioneer – we have been cutting machine since 2014 – Creafoam has built up years of experience. We can therefore advise and assist our customers.

What can we cut for you?

  • Tightly cut foam in perfect quality. Both in regular foam and glitter foam
  • Both large and small volumes are delivered quickly
  • The shapes are almost unlimited: circles, squares, decorative shapes, figures, names, numbers, logos, patterns etc. More examples are available on the website.


Prices of cut foam depend on:

  • amount of foam
  • the type of foam: 7mm, 3.5mm or glitter foam
  • the cutting time
  • the cutting file. To be made by us or supplied by the customer
mask glitter


The shapes are almost unlimited: circles, squares, graceful shapes, figures, names, logos, etc. Examples are further supplemented on the site.

Work method?

Request a quotation by email or via our contact form.

We will give you a customized quotation. We have a large database with various shapes. Would you like something else? If so, you can send us a suitable file (vector file, preferably .ai file). You have no suitable file? No problem. We can design it for you.

Make sure to include this information in your e-mail:

  • the colour and the thickness of the desired foam.
  • the number of pieces you desire.

Below are some more examples. You can find more in our shop at the cut foam.