Although our focus is on foam hats and wigs, we have already built up a lot of experience in making costumes that consist entirely or largely of foam. Not every idea lends itself to elaboration in foam, but some ideas are simply fantastic once elaborated in foam.

What is possible in terms of design?

The first steps are always the same. You can make the choice about what you let us do and what you do or not do yourself at a later stage.

  1. Creafoam develops a prototype according to your wishes. We plan a preliminary meeting to find out what your wishes are. This is done via an appointment in our office or via video call. The more information you can provide, the better we can design. A design drawing, sketch or photo of your idea is very useful for us. We do not make a design drawing, we immediately work in foam. The price of this prototype is agreed in advance and depends entirely on what you exactly want.
  2. Once the prototype is ready (one finished piece), this is discussed. This is done in our store or this can also be done via video call. If you wish, we can send the model to you or it can be picked up by you.
  3. After this meeting, minor adjustments can be made if necessary. Changing color for the final creations is no problem.
  4. We make a price for the different options:
    • price for the foam to cut and assemble everything yourself.
    • price for the cut foam. Cutting is no longer necessary, you put everything together yourself.
    • price for a completely finished creation.

Based on this, you choose how we continue to work.

Option 1: Design and pattern:

  1. The pattern is delivered in full size foam together with the necessary foam
  2. You draw the patterns onto foam and cut …
  3. Put all the pieces together and you have your costume. Simple, fast and fun.
    * We only make designs if the necessary foam is purchased from us.

Option 2: Design and Cut Pieces:

We supply all necessary pieces already cut. You no longer waste time cutting and designing. Your only job is to put everything together.

Option 3: Design and fully finished product:

  1. After any adjustments and approval, Creafoam will proceed to production. This only when it concerns multiple creations. When it comes to only one creation, the above steps do not apply and the final creation is made immediately.
  2. The foam creation can be sent by us or picked up by you.

How does it work?

Contact Creafoam. Send us an e-mail with as much information as possible about your question or desires. If you have a specific idea about a design, please send us a sketch of photos. The more information we have, the more concrete our answer will be.


Everything depends on your choice. Every costume has its own price, depending on the level of complexity and finishing.

A large part of the price of finished creations is in the working hours. The more you do yourself, the cheaper.

Please note:

All foam creations are handmade. This means that Creafoam can only make a limited number of creations per year. The sooner you order, the more chance you have that we can make your creation.

Creafoam works mainly on behalf of carnival groups. Unique designs for one hat are often deterred due to our packed schedule. But you can always ask, of course.