You have made your own foam creation, but you are not 100% satisfied yet? The finishing touch is missing, but you don’t know exactly what?

How do you finish your foam hat or foam wig? How do you raise the level of your creation from “just satisfied” to “Yeeeeees! That’s it! “? In short, how do you finish it completely?

Below are a number of tips to take your creation to the next level.

Glitter foam

Glitter foam is the way to quickly add an extra dimension to your foam creation. It’s easy to cut or trim. Moreover, it can be glued to the normal foam by means of hot air. This makes your creation stand out from afar.

Feather boas

Perfect for giving your foam hat extra volume. Boas can easily be glued to foam by means of a glue gun. Also ideal for hiding seams.

Marabou string

Marabou is the boa’s little brother. These feathers are much finer, which makes the marabou thinner, lighter and more elegant than the boa. You can easily stick Marabous on foam by means of a glue gun. Also ideal for hiding seams.


Ostrich feathers, but also other types of feathers are very often used as a finish for foam hats. Creafoam offers selected drabs and spadonas that can give a very nice look to your creation in a fantastic way. You can easily stick feathers on foam by means of a glue gun.


Decoration tubes are great to finish your creation with. Available in different colors, they are ideal for hiding your seams and edges or simply to give your creation a fun look. Moreover, they are ideal for inserting LED lights. You just put the lights in and stick the tube to your creation. Two birds with one stone!

LED lights

LED lights are ideal to make your creation stand out at night. These lights are usually on a fine wire and are powered by batteries. Creafoam offers this at 2 meters with 2 small batteries that are already provided. Due to the fine thread it is not disturbing during the day. The lights provide enough light to be visible during the day, although the effect is of course even more beautiful in the dark. You can easily stick LEDs on foam by means of a glue gun.


Anything that shines is fun to use on a hat or wig. You will find rhinestones in all colors, shapes and sizes. Creafoam made a selection of high-quality rhinestones that are easy to stick to your foam creation using a glue gun.


With galons you can easily finish edges. A bit like with the tubes, but a completely different effect.


A lot of foam hats are dressed with fabric to better match the costume. Heavy and thick fabrics such as plush can safely be glued with the glue gun. With finer fabrics such as satin, you will not be able to use the glue gun because the glue is visible through the fabric. Double-sided tape or adhesive spray is a better solution here. We advise you to test with a small piece of fabric first.

EVA foam

This thin foam of 2mm offers some extra color shades to finish your creations. Just like the glitter foam, it is easy to cut or cut and can also be glued to the regular foam by means of hot air. Because this foam is thin, you can apply a lot of color shades without it looking bulky.


Sometimes you don’t need additional products to improve the level of finish. With the following 2 golden tips you will drastically improve the appearance of your creation in a simple way.


It is normal for fingerprints to be visible while making your foam creation. However, you can easily get rid of this. Wait until your hat is completely finished and blow the hot air over the entire hat or wig again. Your creation will now shine much more evenly.

Shiny foam

The hot air makes the foam stick together, but has the disadvantage that the foam starts to shine slightly in the places where it was heated. This way, sometimes you have parts that shine and parts that don’t. This does not look very nice. Our tip: when you have finished sticking the foam, blow the hot air over the entire hat or wig again. Your creation will now shine much more evenly.