Creafoam was founded by Hans Vanquathem in 2011.

What started out as a fun activity, quickly developed into a household name in the carnival world.

Creafoam has become the most complete foam specialty store. Today, Creafoam has the largest range of foam and finishing materials, under one roof. Still, Creafoam stays loyal to its roots: making foam creations. The Creafoam team works every day with the products it offers to its customers. Every day, new creations are made. There is no better way to support customers.

Creafoam does not stand still, however. Due to the daily contact with customers, Creafoam has a constant finger on the pulse. With this knowledge, Creafoam develops new products and services that perfectly match the needs of the customer.

Because Creafoam uses its own products on a daily basis, only the best quality is good enough for the customer.

Creafoam stands for:

  • top quality foam
  • a large selection of foam and finishing materials
  • free advice
  • years of experience by making foam creations on a daily basis
  • fast delivery
  • fast answers to questions
  • guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • continuous innovation