Want to get started with foam yourself? It’s possible! See the tutorials section on this site for the supplies and techniques.

Unfortunately, mistakes sometimes creep into certain actions, you don’t discover the full story or you just need that little push. That is why we have established our Creafoam Academy.

In it workshops are given that are specifically aimed at the different needs of our customers.

In all workshops the basic techniques are taught to work with foam. All foam hats and foam wigs are made with these basic techniques.

Creafoam Academy Workshops:

  • All basic techniques are explained, demonstrated and practiced
  • All possible finishing techniques are discussed.
  • Each participant practices the techniques by making a hat (Mad Hatter type) or a crown.
  • All basic techniques are explained and demonstrated.
  • Each participant practices the techniques by making a hat or wig. There is a choice of 6 hats and 3 wigs.

Together with the participants one specific/new model is designed and made.


The workshops are organized throughout the year. The peak period is from September to Carnival.

Saturdays are usually full the fastest. Of course, weekdays are also possible, both during the day and in the evening.



Blankenberge, Belgium

A workshop on location is also possible under certain conditions. The conditions are available by mail. For this, it is best to contact Creafoam.


Dutch or English